Retouching is an integral element of creating a high quality photo. It makes a photo catchy and generally much more attractive. Photo editing helps to create original, memorable pictures in a certain style. There is a big variety of retouching types as well as other ways to make an image brilliant and unique. One of them is High-end retouching which is a great advancement in photo editing that requires a lot of skills and excellent knowledge of highlights and shadows balance. This kind of retouching is known as magazine deep portrait retouching, as it is used for pictures in order to make significant corrections. High-end retouching is a complicated tool demanding mastery, but at the same time it’s extremely useful.

High-end retouching makes a photo look complete and harmonious.The uniqueness of this tool turns an ordinary photo into a masterpiece. It’s possible to make anything with the help of High-end editing, like emphasize or express certain feelings, create or change the atmosphere.

Professional magazine High-end editing has its special characteristics that differ from any other type of retouching, but despite this, our professionals are ready to accomplish even the most complicated goals.

High-end retouching is commonly used in fashion industry. As every detail is edited until it’s perfect. Creating a flawless image allows to make a photo look brilliant. Thus High-end retouching is especially applied for portraits editing. That’s why it is popular among printed editions, such as fashion magazines, model agencies and companies doing business in advertising and public relations.

High-end retouching helps to keep the smallest details of the photo to make it look as natural as possible. It also saves natural textures that make pictures look real like it is absolutely untouched. Reaching a great result is a matter of patience and smart choices of techniques. High-end retouching is used to bring the best out of a person and make them look like on their best day. High-end retouching allows to keep shapes and colours realistic as soon as the aim isn’t to create something natural looking.

The most complicated thing about this type of editing is that it demands using many various tools and effects of high complexity in order to achieve a goal set by the client. In this case, an editor does a lot of work which requires not only intellectual efforts but much time as well. Sometimes high-end retouching demands using other editing tools, like  photomontage. Moreover, the result depends a lot on the quality of the initial photo.

The price for detailed magazine high-end retouching correlates with efforts made by a specialist, and the time spent on this work. That’s the reason why costs are counted personally for each case depending on the client’s aim.

Our studio has everything to meet your requirements. Our experienced masters are real professionals with rich experience who are able to accomplish any tasks given by our clients. Our retouchers earned a perfect reputation among clients, as their satisfaction is our priority. At the studio we care about meeting deadlines and creating a high quality product for you.  We are happy to answer any questions and consult you about anything you want to know about high-end retouching. Feel free to contact us at any time.

High-end retouching

High-end retouching is one of the most complicated kinds of retouching as it requires the ability to use various editing tools and a lot of time. The main purpose of high-end retouching is to make an image look flawless but natural at the same time. Quite contradictory, isn’t it? That’s why this type of retouching must be done by real professionals who are skilled at beauty retouching. High-end retouching is mostly used for printed editions of fashion magazines, advertising campaigns and model agencies. As our retouchers have rich experience in this type of editing, we would gladly meet your biggest expectations. To make an order, you need to provide us with a specific task and attach a reference.

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